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Pricing plans

0.045 $ per kWh
Continuous mining
0.035 $ per kWh
Flexible working hours
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How does it work

Asic service
1. Create an account
Please specify the number of devices, your country as well as other data required. Please read and accept the terms and conditions, and sign the contract.
Miner hosting
2. Bring the equipment
Please hand over the miner to our representative office in your country, have it checked, and sign off the handover certificate.
Hosting of mining farms
3. Control your business
The device is activated and added to your account within two weeks time. You are in full control of the mining process thereafter.
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Asik hotel
Our three pricing plans allow users to utilize the equipment to the best advantage. Clients are free to change the pricing plan subject to market shifts as they see fit.
We're committed to ensuring competitive prices and preserving price stability over time. This allows client flexibility regardless of market conduct.
We are pleased to negotiate special offers for our major clients.
Asic hosting
We accept all major payment types: cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and bank cards.
We service your devices 24/7, while you have access to all monitoring systems.
We offer regular cleaning and immediate repair of your devices.
Mining hosting
We own both platforms and generations, as well as manage the entire process from electrical power generation to electricity consumer supply.
All our facilities are government cleared worldwide. We maintain a high GR level enabling full operational control. Building a long-term client relationship is our ultimate priority. Therefore, we make sure every contract is clear and specific, valid and legally enforceable.
We ensure the ultimate network protection against hacking attacks. Every miner is carefully examined at the service facility. There are several non-overlapping Internet channels available for each data-centre. The facilities are under 24-hour multi-level security surveillance.

Device collection points

Device collection points
Smolenskaya Square 3, Moscow 121099
60 Albert St, #10-08 Albert Complex, 189969
Hua qiang bei electronic market building 29 office 2999, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong
26-chōme-589-57, Minami 9 Jōdōri, Asahikawa, Hokkaido 078 - 8339
3700 Quebec Street, Unit 100-239, Denver, Colorado 80207
ÁTI-Sziget Ipari Park 12, Szigetszentmiklós, 2310
Toostuse 48A-404, Tallinn, 10411
Hong Kong
TCL Tower, 8 Tai Chang road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

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Free tour

We invite you to get a hands-on introduction to our modern facilities and top security standards thereof. A free visit to our data centres may be arranged for those cinsidering getting a significant number of miners hosted with us. We will cover airfare and accommodation, as well as schedule your agenda.
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